ORNO logo

We are a Polish, family-owned company with 25 years of Living Innovations.
We have been supplying innovative products to the market since 2001 and our new ideas are quickly converted into effective and proven solutions.
That is why our products have gained recognition and a strong position on the Polish and European market.

    Our brands (standard offer):
  • ORNO FOR PROFESSIONALS-Experts for Professionals (Electric equipment for Professionals)
  • ORNO FOR HOME-Experts for Home solutions (Electric equipment for Home)
  • ADVITI LIGHTING SOLUTIONS-Adorn your home with light
  • VIRONE-Everyday for everyone (Appliances that meet your everyday needs)

We do not stand still.
Today we are better than
we were yesterday - and we do everything
to be able to say the same thing tomorrow...

We redefine the concept of quality, which is often unrightfully confused with correctness.
We consistently implement the adopted strategy and remain loyal to our values, thanks to which we have built a stable position on the Polish and European market.
We know that our Partners' trust and satisfaction are the key to build a stable and effective business.