The exclusive commercial representation of the brands below is provided by SEEMIS Ltd.

GTV is a leading distributor of lighting products in the Polish and international market. Its high-quality light sources, luminaires, emergency lights and LED products are known and recognized in many markets around the world. Its retailers can be found in Russia, England, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

The CHiNT Group was established in 1984 with the goal of becoming the leading manufacturer of industrial electrical products in China. Today, their wide range of products includes power transmission and distribution equipment, meters, building surveillance, etc. CHiNT is the world's largest manufacturer of low voltage electrical equipment.

JANGAR S.A. has been a manufacturer of industrial and household plastic products for buildings’ electricity since 1961. It prides itself on the ability of its product range to serve customer needs in line with market expectations. We recommend JANGAR products to retailers, maintenance personnel, contractors, electricians, projects and the general public.

For HÖGERT Technik in Germany, top quality is paramount. To ensure strength and durability, the tools are made from the best and most carefully selected raw materials. We recommend HÖGERT products to retailers, maintenance personnel, contractors, electricians and the general public.

International recognition and outstanding product quality are ensured by their tradition built on the use of modern technology. The 4500m2 area is home to a plastic injection molding unit, a warehouse for semi-finished and finished products, and a mold manufacturing unit. Top quality and the safety of home installations are continuously ensured by their production process that is compliant with various international quality standards (ESP, CB, IEC, DIN and ÖVE).

CA TP Electric has been manufacturing industrial plastic products for the electricity sector since 1989. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, it has a market-leading position in Turkey and has become a recognized brand in many parts of the world. TP Electric products are recommended for retailers, maintenance personnel, contractors, electricians, projects and the general public.

PXF Lighting has been a manufacturer and distributor of luminaires and lighting products since 1994. The company specializes in technologically and architecturally advanced solutions in the field of lighting technology. Its strategy is based on continuous development to maintain the best quality, efficiency, precision and reliability. It is a member of many organizations and a proud holder of several recognitions. Its primary goal is to ensure a high level of quality while adhering to the principles of the EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

We are a Polish, family-owned company producing ventilation elements in the field of home and industrial ventilation. We specialize in the production of fans, grilles, ventilation systems, ventilation ends and accessories.

From the very beginning, the manufacturer has payed a big attention to the high quality of its products, thus ensuring a long service life. Thanks to the inspiration of market changes the innovation and product development within the company is continuous, so it is no coincidence that LUMAX is a fast growing brand in the LED lighting segment. It offers an environmentally friendly solution with excellent value for money in several areas of lighting technology.

The range of HEDA products were created to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in the lighting market. Quality and value for money have been a priority for the manufacturer since the begining. HEDA products are equipped with well-known power supplies and LED chips. Product development is characterised by environmental awareness.

We are a Polish, family-owned company with 25 years of Living Innovations...


Maximum speed and accuracy

Our goal is that our customers recognise us for reliability, precision, quality work and high technical standards, coupled with competitive prices. We deem that we win if our customer also wins with us. We feel it is our mission to restore the reputation of the Hungarian electricity market, which has unfortunately worn off in recent years.

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